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In the modern IT climate new threats are being produced at alarming rates that have the potential to severely damage business data. Trojan horses, worms, viruses, spyware, malware and adware are just a few of the dangerous infections in circulation that can infiltrate networks and can corrupt or even steal valuable data and information. The price of such an infection can be in excess of $10,000 in lost data and time, not to mention repair or replacement costs.

The security of your systems, data and resources is of up-most concern at SMN Solutions Group, and we believe the key to effective network security is to strike the right balance between security and practicality. SMN Solutions Group begins by selecting, installing and configuring the very best software to ensure your business data is protected from any threat or infection. Once the software is active SMN Solutions Group can maintain and update it regularly, meaning that your business systems and data are constantly safe.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

SMN Solutions Group understands that data is one of the cornerstones of any successful business, and that protecting it is a must. Whether important documents, designs, multimedia, financial information, databases, contracts, etc. there is plenty of data that businesses simply can not afford to lose. Loss of data can have catastrophic consequences for businesses that are not adequately prepared, and SMN Solutions Group provides the right tools to ensure this doesn’t happen.

SMN Solutions Group’s backup and Disaster Recovery Solution involves using state of the art software ShadowProtect in collaboration with a series of permanent and mobile hard drives to keep your data safe at all times from any unpredictable threats such as fire or water damage, power surge or black out. With this technology and SMN Solutions Group’s expertise, an entire server can be reconstructed to its exact state a few minutes prior to the disaster. The beauty of this system is that you will be fully operational in minutes, not hours or days.

What if you lost ALL your data today? Would that slow your business down? How much money would you lose? 10-20% of your IT budget should be spent on a data backup solution that is best suited to your business. Already have a data backup process in place? Does it work? Are you still using tapes? Then you need your data backup process re-evaluated.

We can plan a backup strategy that will protect your data and get you back up and running should you need your data restored. Let us access your needs for local data backup, off-site data backup or online data backup solutions.

We can find a data backup solution to fit your budget. From local backup drives used in rotation to backup servers and remote online backup services. We can find an affordable and reliable data backup solution that solves both local and offsite backup requirements, to meet your personal and business needs.

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SMN Solutions Group provides skilled and committed professionals aimed at providing superior corporate-style services to consistently meet your IT needs.

Remote Support Services

With our support services we can literally do remote PC repairs, saving you from the cost and hassle of having to arrange for a computer repair technician.

Web Development

SMN Solutions Group offers web development and we can create simple to vast, complex development solutions to meet your needs.

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